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Print design, iconography, large format signage

DeskLodge are an award winning co-working space based in Bristol and Basingstoke. Following their brand update, we’ve worked with DeskLodge on an ongoing basis to produce both printed and digital work. Their unique and playful approach to coworking allowed us to create engaging and creative content, with consistent use of their brand guidelines.

Print design

We have worked closely with DeskLodge over several years to design and produce a variety of printed items, from business cards to building signage. Items such as their brochure are set up for dual purpose, as both print and digital content.

The interactive brochure version includes hyperlinks to relevant webpages and provides the flexibility for regular updates. This ensures prospective members have all of the up to date information they need, in an easily accessible format.

Large format signage

With our trusted network of suppliers, we’ve designed and produced large format display for DeskLodge for the exterior of the different sites. One of our most recent projects included three 12 metre high vinyl banners for DeskLodge House in Bristol, which were installed on the three main sides of the building.

Icon design

We created a collection of versatile icons for use across DeskLodge’s marketing materials and member guides. This included floorplan infographics, to help members understand the designated zones for collaborative work, solo working, meetings and phone calls.